Mar 2018
YSL Beauty Tatouage Couture Party
Nightlife and clubbing

If you're one of Dubai's 'beautiful people', chances are you were on the guest list at Dubai's most exclusive event, held on March 16th.
That night,a fascinating mix of the city's best-known trendsetters, fashion and make-up lovers partied on at a highly secret underground address.


750VIP guests- artists, musicians, designers, models, top influencers, selected consumers and notable stars -celebrated the launch of YSL Beauty's edgylatest offering, the rebelliously chic Tatouage Couture Ultra Matte long-lasting lipstick.



Creating an unforgettable atmosphere for party-goers were differently inspired offerings - a Lipstick ATM, a tattoo parlour with tattoo artists to create gorgeous designs, the hottest make-up stations offering edgy makeovers all night long, and the coolest DJs in town. The YSL Beauty event left its mark on Dubai's nightlife. Theephemeral experience didn't end there, though.



YSL Beauty is widely acquiring its well-deserved reputation as the edgiest luxury beauty brand that owns the party. Its Tatouage Couture is the new reference on matte lipsticks in the region, with a unique formula that has a 'naked and non-drying' feel that borrows from the creativity of tattoo ink. It offers a precise and controlled application in drawing the shape of the lips, with a gang of 18 shades, for 18 convictions, from nude to red, from fuchsia to burgundy. Supremely desirable, utterly daring, always edgy. #YSLBEAUTYARABIA #TATOUAGECOUTURE #HERETOSTAY