Mar 2019
Openings Activity

Welcome to Provence... in Dubai. The first café in the Middle East, DUBAI transports you to the South of France, the land that has always inspired L'OCCITANE.


After the recent openings of L'OCCITANE hybrid flagship destinations in London's Iconic Regent Street and in the Parisian Champs Elysées Avenue, L'OCCITANE CAFÉ has just opened in the heart of Dubai. Customers are invited to go on a multi-sensory journey through the store to experience the beautiful textures, fragrances and sounds of Provence.


With handcrafted pastries, unique French recipes and an exclusive mocktail collection, L'OCCITANE CAFÉ provides the perfect all-day dining experience. In fact, it is a hybrid venue; a restaurant, a pâtisserie and a salon de thé but also a retail boutique! Indeed, at L'OCCITANE CAFÉ you can shop while sipping on a cup of tea. With a selection of best-sellers and complimentary beauty services, the new flagship also offers a distinctive shopping experience.


"We brought to life a unique concept-store where food and cosmetics meet - an avant-garde address reinventing the codes of beauty and gastronomy. At L'OCCITANE CAFE, a universal language is spoken, revolving around scents, flavours, textures and balance. The ingredients are the focus of attention, the savoir-faire crucial, the imagination striking", says Joseph Kedemos - L'Occitane Middle East General Manager.



Naturally, the food creation is all inspired by the Provence dear to the brand; its colours and its lights that are always so beautiful. It goes without saying that there is no French region more famous for its culinary prowess than the southeast, where the warm sun of the Mediterranean meets French savoir faire.


We invite you to indulge in your favorite south of France cuisine with our signature ingredients and captivating flavors. From Provencal Pissaladière flatbread from Nice to the classic French Onion Soup and Gnocchi with famous Daube stew, you can definitely take your senses on a journey at L'OCCITANE CAFÉ.


If you have with a sweet tooth will be beyond pleased with the dessert selection. In fact, with luscious chocolate fondants to iconic crepes and mouthwatering pain perdu, you can indulge in an exquisite range of French pastry.


With the complicity of Matthias Giroud, L'OCCITANE CAFÉ has created original recipes translated in 6 different varieties of mocktails. Matthias is a worldwide-known French barista expert in the art of mixology, who was thrilled to work on such an excited challenge: bridging beauty to F&B through very special drinks.


Indeed, L'OCCITANE CAFÉ signature mocktails are inspired by L'OCCITANE iconic collections, offering a moment of delight for all senses through beautiful textures, luminous scents & authentic ingredients.


For instance, the Bicycle of the Sun draws its inspiration from the immortelle collection, highlighting the yellow flower from Corsica and combining pineapple & lemon infused with an artisanal vanilla syrup. The Secret Garden on the other hand is inspired by verbena which is the plant of enchantment! It is a zesty creation with a refreshing combination of greens: mint, cucumber & yuzu lemon.



At L'OCCITANE CAFÉ, the brand commitments are emphasized via different touch points. All the straws are 100% non-plastic, made out polylactic acid (PLA) derived from corn starch, a renewable and natural plant-based source 100% compostable and biodegradable. The take away boxes are also plant-based and sustainable. These solutions have been provided by AVANI Middle East which specializes in plastic alternatives made from plants.


Apart from the packaging solutions, we also highlighted one of our star ingredient: immortelle flower, the "gold of Corsica" part of a biodiversity conservation program and planted ethically in partnership


with local producers. At L'Occitane Café, more than 1000 flower bunches have been suspended to the wall creating an enchanting view and a sustainable picture hotspot for visitors. We also have live plants in the façade with a special irrigation system and a weekly maintenance to keep the greens green.



Welcome to Provence... in Dubai. The first café in the Middle East, L'OCCITANE CAFÉ DUBAI transports you to the South of France, the land that has always inspired L'OCCITANE. Ingredients from Provence offer a palette of aromas captured in the most delicious dishes, to tantalize your senses. Close your eyes, taste, and imagine - just for a moment - that you're on a terrace in Provence... Now open in Citywalk 2, Dubai.


For more information, please visit: https://bit.ly/2WYWPLM