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This is how Emirates airline reaffirms hope in Dubai against coronavirus
(What's Up?) 4 years ago

Emirates explains how the UAE is leading the world with effective COVID-19 response


Emirates airline has issued a reassuring message to residents and visitors – reaffirming the UAE’s stance against the coronavirus outbreak.

In the one-minute video, which was released on March 16, Emirates explained how the UAE is leading the world with an efficient and effective COVID-19 response.

“Thanks to a decisive leadership, and world class medical facilities, reinforced border controls, and increased public health measures, the UAE’s government, public and private sectors are working closely to implement the highest health and safety standards for the nation’s wellbeing,” it said.


As part of the emirate’s preventive measures, Dubai Municipality has set up a dedicated team to disinfect and sanitise Dubai's streets by using fogging machines, steam cleaning and disinfectant compressed sprayers to guarantee the best results.



“Emirates stands with the UAE at this critical time. We offer peace of mind with flexible travel options and enhanced aircraft cleaning while maintaining crucial international links. Please join us in the fight against coronavirus. Follow all recommended health guidance and precautions, avoid panic and misinformation. Together, we will come out of this stronger than ever before.”

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai is taking extra-precautionary measures to disinfect Dubai Metro to prevent spread of coronavirus.

Dubai Metro is probably the only place where hundreds of thousands of people come together to commute in the city. However, protective measures are being taken by the RTA to ensure cleanliness inside the metro cabins and at the stations.

All the cabins of metro are being disinfected after completing every single journey, says a video released by the RTA on its twitter handle. Around 650,000 people commute on board Dubai Metro every day and it is imperative to keep them safe.

source : gulfnews

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