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L’OREAL PROFESSIONEL celebrates the 10th anniversary of INOA coloration range
(What's Up?) 3 months ago

In celebration of INOA's 10 year anniversary, L'Oréal Professional is pleased to share their latest color inspiration, "Amber Bronze", in collaboration with their Middle East Brand Ambassador, Maya Diab. The signing of the Lebanese star took place in November 2018, as it made sense to select her as the brand's ambassador for the region: "Maya is a true trendsetter and is the perfect representative for Amber Bronze. At L'Oreal Professional, we are strong believers of individuality, and Maya's unique style and ability to reinvent herself is key and inspirational." commented Theresa Assi, General Manager of the Professional Products Division, L'Oreal Middle East.

INOA prides itself in having created a hair color revolution driven by innovation, being ammonia-free and therefore odor-free, guaranteeing optimal color results and scalp comfort. As unique as ever, the "Amber Bronze" color by INOA is achieved through L'Oreal Professional's "Color Me French" technique, resulting in a glowing and multidimensional hair color. The warm red browns and an intense fire bronze create the illusion of brightened eyes and heated skin that emphasize Maya's beauty. As a color inspiration, Amber Bronze can be adapted and customized to each woman in the region, along with the professional advice of her hairdresser.

The Middle Eastern celebrity singer will continue to embody the professional brand across the region over the next two years. "I am so excited to have collaborated with INOA for their 10 year anniversary on their latest color inspiration, Amber Bronze. This Color Me French technique creates a beautiful and natural contrast and is suitable for every woman, which makes it even more special,", said Maya Diab.

Every season, L'Oréal Professional and Maya will collaborate to launch new hair colors inspired by Maya's artistic character and the brand's Parisian roots and pioneering hair-coloring brands. Maya joins the ranks of models and mega influencers Taylor Hill, Hailey Baldwin and Alexa Chung who were all named brand ambassadors for L'Oréal Professional in the last two years.


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