Dec 2019
Kylie Minogue at Dubai Rugby Sevens
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When it comes to the Dubai Rugby Sevens – the longest running sports event in the Middle East for very good reason – it doesn’t take much to get crowds excited. There for the rugby? You were in for a brilliant few days of short but sweet matches. Showing off a hilarious costume? Plenty of squads were there to join you.

Whatever you were there for, one thing’s for sure – we were all there for Kylie, and she finished off the Friday (December 6) in grand style.

“We love you Kylie!” was a fairly standard chant echoing throughout The Sevens stadium, a perfect venue with plenty of space for crowds to boogie the Kylie Minogue way. And why wouldn’t we? With big hits including Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, Get Outta My Way, and a brilliant merge between Shocked and Step Back In Time, crowds definitely had their nostalgia quota.

Kylie wasn’t just stellar to listen to though, as she came out with costume changes and interacted with the crowd throughout the show, pulling off a slick performance.

That, along with her array of brilliant dancers in throwback costumes that perfectly fit the 1970s theme of this year's Dubai Rugby Sevens, meant the crowd was having a ball of a time. She knows how to talk to her fans, too, getting everyone hyped for an upcoming tune or simply saying hello to a few young ‘uns in the crowd.

Getting out was less smooth, with nearly 20,000 people to take home near the same time, it wasn't the fastest process, but those staying were rewarded with top tunes.

As a fun event all-round, Kylie was a highlight of the whole thing. We’ll be feeling the locomotion for days to come.

source : Timeoutdubai